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We only sell and install pool heaters and heat pumps – WE DO NOT REPAIR THEM.

Pool heaters and heat pumps

We sell and install various types of pool heaters, including electric systems and heat pumps. Since our summers are short, Entreprises Jean Milord understands why you’d like to start enjoying your outdoor pool early in the season and continue using it for as long as possible. That’s why we offer pool heater sales and installation and help you choose the ideal one depending on the period during which you anticipate using your pool.

Should you choose a pool heater or heat pump?

There’s a significant difference between the price of an electric pool heater (with a heating element) and that of a pool heat pump. mBut you should be aware that, although the initial cost of a heat pump is quite a bit higher than that of an electric system, its energy consumption is much lower if you plan on keeping your pool temperature higher throughout the season. However, if you only need to use your pool heater at the beginning and end of the season, a pool heater with a heating element may prove to be the right choice, despite the fact that it uses more electricity. Our pool experts, who know about the experiences of those who own heated pools according to their use, will tell you about the characteristics of each product and would be happy to offer you valuable advice regarding your choice of pool heaters.


A wide choice of water heaters and heat pumps

We offer high-performance and reliable brands of water heaters including Hayward-Summit, Helios, Braza, Titan, Thermeau and offer the professional installation service for you to enjoy a comfortable swim to your liking!

For gas water heaters: Rheem and Jandy

Partner for connection and supply of gas or propane


To make your life easier, we can install a chlorinator for your pool. It’s a small device that connects to your filter system. This little module distributes chlorine continuously for several days at an adjustable rate. All you have to do is refill the chlorinator with concentrated chlorine tablets.

Équipement robot


There’s a new robot technology just for pools. You don’t have to connect it to your filter line, it’s practically autonomous, it’s efficient and it runs on electricity. All you need to do is program the cleaning time.

Are you looking for a pool heater or heat pump? We have just the model you need!