Premium pool calibration and chemical products

Our company is known for the premium quality of the chemical products we use and provide when performing our services. A number of clients purchase these products from us directly, not only to take advantage of volume discounts, but also to benefit from the expert tips and advice we give them regarding their use.

Most of our clients tell us how satisfied they are with the clarity of their water, especially when it comes to the relative effectiveness of our products in comparison with those one can purchase from most big-box retailers.

Our premium pool calibration and chemical products will enable you to appreciate your pool even more by ensuring that the water is crystal clear, fresh and properly calibrated.

Proper water calibration helps prevent a whole host of problems. Did you know that incorrectly calibrated water can cause skin irritation, damage your pool’s concrete and lead to discoloration and premature wear and tear on your pool liner?

The water needs calcium, an alkaline pH and, most importantly, a proper balance of chemicals. Poorly calibrated water can be injurious to your health and that of your pool, including all of the related components and equipment.


Did you know that starting your pool up correctly will help you avoid numerous problems during the summer? If you start up your pool during the spring with properly calibrated water, you won’t generally need to perform any shock treatments or add any chemicals except chlorine during the summer. Once the water is calibrated, the important thing is to make sure that there’s always enough chlorine.


To maintain beautiful water quality, calibrate your pool and use the necessary chemicals. You should also regularly clean the skimmer basket, perform a backwash once a week and check the pump basket.

At least once every five years, you should change the sand in your filtration system. It’s the heart of the filter. Some pool owners spend a lot of money on chemicals or a lot of time testing their water, as it never seems to be optimized quite the way they would like. And this is often because the sand is saturated and past due to be changed. For healthy water, your filter must be effective.


Do you know what causes algae and how to get rid of it easily? Algae don’t like the cold, which is why your pool water is often at its clearest in the spring and fall. It’s important to get rid of any algae before calibrating the water..

Here are our recommendations:

  1. Remove all of the leaves from the pool
  2. Use the pool vacuum and then backwash the filter for approximately one minute or until the water in the bottle is clear
  3. Perform a shock treatment using a concentrated algaecide
  4. Perform one or two backwashes a day for two or three days until the water is clear
  5. Calibrate your water using premium products and check it regularly using test strips
  6. We suggest using concentrated chlorine tablets, preferably dispensed by a chlorinator, which will distribute the chlorine regularly

Please note that, while some systems operate using salt, the steps are the same. However, you must make sure that the components of your equipment corrosion resistant. Although salt seems like a good solution, it often causes the equipment to wear out prematurely and it isn’t compatible with certain types of pool heaters. Exercise caution and ask for advice.

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