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About us

In business since 2006 and well established for many years, our company has the necessary experience to manage all of your pool renovation and pool repair projects.

From opening time to closing time, our prompt, professional team offers you all of the services, chemical products, heaters, heat pumps, equipment and accessories you need for your pool.


  • In-ground pool maintenance
  • Water calibration and shock treatments
  • In-ground concrete pool renovations
  • Vinyl and concrete in-ground pool repairs
  • Replacement of in-ground pool components
  • Leak detection
  • Chemical product sales and delivery
  • Pool heater sales and installation (no repairs)

In-ground pool repair

The team of in-ground pool experts at Entreprises Jean Milord has been providing in-ground pool repairs and, specifically, concrete pool renovations in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors since 2006. The company serves Montreal and the surrounding areas, as well as Laval, the North Shore region and the Laurentians. You can rest assured that the services, products, equipment and accessories for your pool will be effective, functional and high quality all across the board.

Does you pool require specific repair work, renovations or the replacement of certain components? Our team offers the labor, parts and equipment that are necessary to upgrade your pool, restoring its original appearance, impermeability and operational efficiency.

Homeowners and the managers of hotels, residences and condominiums in the area can attest to our expertise, our professionalism and the quality of our work.

Pool blasting
and renovation

If your pool needs a new coat of paint, our team will rise to the challenge with the same rigor and attention to detail they invest in every pool project they undertake. First, they will remove the old, faded paint using sand blasting equipment. Once they have thoroughly blasted your pool, they’ll properly prepare the surface so that the new coat of paint will adhere solidly for many years to come.

Whether your pool needs regular, seasonal or periodic maintenance, leak detection and repair or major renovations, such as pool blasting, Entreprises Jean Milord will employ all of the mastery, equipment and high-quality products it takes to make your pool the refreshing oasis you’ve been dreaming about!

We serve the following areas: Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Sauveur, Sainte-Adèle, Sainte-Thérèse, Saint-Eustache, Laval and the West Island region of Montreal.

For our commercial clientele, we will also travel to downtown Montreal.

We provide free estimates and we guarantee all of our parts and labor.

The pool pumping specialists

We will drain your in-ground pool carefully and professionally, whether to perform renovation work (changing the liner, re-grouting the tiles or touching up faded paint), thoroughly clean your pool (because the water is green, the floor and walls are greyish or covered in algae and hard-water deposits) or correct a water problem (for example, if you want to switch to a different treatment, but the old one and the new one are incompatible or if there are too many dissolved solids in the water, making it impossible to balance).

Regardless of the reason, you can count on the services of our team of specialists to pump your pool.

We serve the following regions: St-Jérôme, St-Sauveur, Ste-Adèle, Ste-Thérèse, St-Eustache, Laval and the West Island of Montreal.

The pool leak detection experts

Our meticulous, professional team will perform various tests, such as water pressure and color tests, to detect any leaks in your pool so they can repair them as quickly as possible. Water leaks can cause extensive damage to your pool’s liner, as well as its structure. They can be located in different places, including the filter, the lights, the pipes, the liner and the concrete. We have the necessary expertise, equipment and high-quality products to detect leaks in your pool and repair them completely.

We care about your health and safety!