Our expertise:
we’re contractors specializing
in the partial or full renovation
and repair of concrete in-ground pools

Concrete In-ground pool repair

Entreprises Jean Milord will manage every phase of your in-ground pool repair project with rigor and meticulous attention to detail. Our team also has all the necessary experience and resources to renovate your in-ground pool.

Our conscientious team will evaluate the condition of your pool and perform the necessary tests to detect any possible cracks or leaks. If necessary, we can also replace your filter system and even rebuild certain parts of your concrete pool if they’re damaged or outdated.

We have the ability to add new steps (concrete only), new lights, new drains and new skimmers. Our team can remove the old paint with sand blasting equipment.

You can also give your pool a rejuvenating treatment by having us change the tile. We offer a vast selection of tiles and paint.

Here are the standard color ranges for swimming pools
Possibility of custom color

Would you like to have your concrete in-ground pool serviced or renovated? Call on the specialists!