The leak detection experts

Is your pool losing water?
Are you unsure where the leak is?

Over the years, our company has picked up several tricks and tools for finding leaks. Could the leak be coming from the pipes, the pump, the filter equipment, the lights, the concrete or the liner? Or is the water simply evaporating?

To avoid having to drain your pool to perform an inspection, our technicians use scuba diving equipment. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Many other companies will completely drain your pool to inspect it. As a result, you waste a lot of chemical products, all of the hours it takes to reheat the pool and a huge amount of water.

Here are a few practical tips for detecting leaks:

Mark the water level while the system is operating and check it 24 hours later to see if you’ve lost any water. Then turn off the filter system completely and mark the water level again. After 24 hours, if you’ve lost water while the system was turned off, there’s a strong possibility that the leak is inside the pool (the liner, concrete, steps or lights). If the water level only goes down when the filtration system is running, the problem is either in the pipes or the equipment (pump, filter or pool heater).

If the leak is inside the pool, the best way to inspect it is with a color test. Our diving technicians will quickly find the leaks and can generally plug them underwater using a special adhesive.

When the leak is in the pipes, we have several tools and procedures to help us find the exact location of the leak. It’s possible that there’s a leak in an underground pipe or that a connection underneath the skimmer is broken. Various other factors, including tree roots and cycles of freezing and thawing, can also cause pipes to break

Leak detection is one of our specialties. Up to now, we’ve never missed a leak. So you can count on our team to find the problem and, most importantly, offer you the solution.

After performing an inspection, if any work is necessary, we’ll present you with an estimate in due form. We often repair leaks immediately after we detect them.

You can expect fees starting at 350$ including call service.

It’s important to prevent your pool from losing water. Pool owners often neglect to have their pools inspected for leaks. As a result, the problem grows worse with the years. And the cost of repairing it increases.

Don’t hesitate to request an inspection to detect leaks, as this will help you avoid more serious problems down the road

Water evaporation
Sometimes pool owners believe there’s a leak in their pool when, in fact, the loss of water is simply the result of normal overnight evaporation caused by the pool heater. It’s also normal to lose between one and two inches of water per week during the dog days of summer.

Do you notice your pool losing water but you can’t find the source of the leak? Call us and we’ll solve the problem!